Mark Evison Foundation

Charity Partner

Cadarn Capital is proud to be a corporate donor to the Mark Evison Foundation’s ("MEF")

The MEF's mission is to promote the personal development of young people through the undertaking of challenges. The MEF invites young people to create and plan projects which are personally challenging, through every step of the process: such projects develop confidence, strength, resilience and breadth, as applicants take independent ownership of something they are keen to do.

The majority of the MEF's awards, and most of the schools have high indices of deprivation and are located in disadvantaged areas of London. The MEF provides mentoring and expenses funding for accepted projects. Applications must be created from scratch, well outside the individual(s) comfort zone, non-curricular and non-commercial. Afterwards, networking opportunities are offered through the MEF's alumni scheme.

Annual School Awards are available for students aged 16-18 at MEF partner state-run schools. The MEF visits schools to encourage students to apply and select successful applications. Applicants (whether individuals or groups) are asked to create and plan their chosen project, present this to the MEF, carry through their plans adult-free and then tell the MEF about it afterwards. They then have the opportunity to inspire the next year’s cohort at their school assembly by sharing what they did.

About Mark

Lieutenant Mark Evison died in 2009 from a gunshot wound while serving as a British army officer in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was attempting to get the platoon to safety following an ambush. The MEF was set up in his memory, and his values and characters are a driving force within it. Mark chose to set himself many difficult challenges, always showing grit, resilience, kindness, innovation, integrity and team support. His story inspires many of the MEF's young applicants.

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