Simon White

Senior Adviser

Simon has worked in the investment trust and investment company sector for most of his career.

With a background in UK equity fund management, he started as a graduate trainee at Kleinwort Benson, where he went on to manage two investment trusts and was subsequently responsible, as Managing Director of Kleinwort Benson Investment Trusts, for the development of Kleinwort Benson’s (and its successor companies including Allianz Global Investors) closed end fund businesses. In this capacity he established and launched investment companies investing in Emerging Markets, UK Equity, India and Europe, and a range of alternative asset trusts investing in mid-term endowment policies.

He moved to BlackRock as Head of Investment Trusts in 2011 overseeing the company secretarial, sales and marketing and third- party administration for the trusts. Alongside successful fundraisings in the Frontier, Commodities and North American markets, he re-structured BlackRock’s investment trust marketing activities, with a broad range of shareholder communication initiatives, which led to private shareholder ownership of the trusts exceeding 30% for the first time. The stable of trusts achieved record secondary issuance in 2021, with significant demand from self- directed investors. Simon retired from BlackRock in June 2022.                

Simon graduated from Oxford University with degree in Modern History and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. He has previously held FCA controlled functions CF30 (Customer), CF1 (Director), CF21 (Investment Adviser), CF23 (Corporate Finance) and CF27 (Investment Management). He has been a director of two FCA regulated fund management companies, two debenture financing vehicles and a non-executive director of seven investment trusts.

Simon is an independent non-executive director of Shires Income PLC.


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